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Mobile Phone Tracker GPS Sys

Developer: PirSoft Information Technologies
2.04 usd

You can download Hadronx Demo Program for Testing of charge from the Google Play store.usage areas* Keep track of your family.* Keep track of your friends.* Keep track of company vehicles.* Keep track of your kids.
Tool without requiring any technical equipment / people tracking system.
* Smart phone owner should have to follow the person in the vehicle.* recording system is required.* Hadronx application must be installed and configured.* A mobile phone means that you can follow to solve your business you know my şaşırttı?
* As you can see from the following steps. The system offers the perfect solution.* Online registration is done ( I)* Mobile Cell Phone to the practice of entering account information used for downloading and recording. Activation of application.* Starting to follow by logging into system.* The system can be switched so quickly and easily.* All course registration activity is carried out 7 days 24 hours.* Retrospective routes monitored. It can be deleted if desired.
GPS, Mobile, Vehicle Tracking, Route Tracking Location Tracking
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